Friday, May 9, 2008


We just returned from our annual Staff Retreat where we held a 3-day meeting at the Embassy Suites in Omaha's Downtown Old Market.

Our goals were to bring our team together for team building and fun, to clearly communicate our company strategy, and to exchange information between staff. Our Retreats play an integral part in helping our Firm to reach our goal of Constant Improvement.

Our guest speaker, Rita Rocker with the Transformation Academy, spoke about the importance of Dining Etiquette, Communicating with Confidence, and the Image of Success. This was entertaining as well as educational, and even included color makeovers.

We spent the next two days discussing our systems and procedures, brainstorming ways to improve upon them, and then setting goals that are tied to our vision statement. Our free time was spent enjoying each other's company, eating wonderful food, and walking through Omaha's historic Old Market.

We came home from the Retreat with a closer knit team and some wonderful ideas that will help to enhance our Firms productivity.