Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Recently I was in Philadelphia speaking at the Raylon Art of Business Conference. Philadelphia is a great and historic city. I have always wanted to walk where Ben Franklin and the framers of our Constitution walked. I was touched by my visit to Independence hall where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. I was not disappointed with my historic tour of Philadelphia.

I did have a problem though; it was ‘off season’ so everything closed exactly at 5:00 p.m. Independence Hall; the Liberty Bell exhibit; Franklin’s court; the grave yards; Betsy Ross’s house; all of the historic locations. I was not the only tourist that was disappointed by this. I talked to at least 20 to 30 visitors that, like me, were left disappointed standing at the door.

As I thought about the ‘business practice’ of closing early, I could only think about my my talk to small business owners at the conference where I had pointed out that many of our clients are expanding hours in reaction to the economy.

Then it hit me- all of these great historical exhibits were managed by the US Park Service – a branch of the Federal Government. The workers, managers, and those making the decisions were all government workers, bureaucrats. Realizing that the government was running the show it made sense that they didn’t care, they just followed the bureaucratic rules.

Then it really hit me! “Would I want the Federal Government running my health care and the banks?” That seems to be the way we are going.

Scary- really scary… I hope that if they do take over our financial institutions and our health care system that they do a better job taking care of their customers.

Larry Kopsa CPA