Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The May 2009 issue of Nails Magazine published an article called, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. The article describes how not to get caught off guard by a planned or sudden staff absence.

Along with this article, Nails Magazine published my Coping Strategies, which offer up some winning strategies I have seen used to avert disaster in salons.

The following is an overview:

Prepare in Advance:

  • Encourage staff members to have contact with all clients to create familiarity.

  • When staff members are on vacation, urge clients to have service provided by another technician. This allows them to gain client trust.

  • Introduce new staff members to clients to establish a comfortable rapport.

  • Ensure clients know that the entire team is well-trained.

  • Put systems into place to inform the replacement of the nuances of the client. Salon software can accommodate this. Just got married; just went through a divorce; enjoys running; etc., can be noted to give the replacement some insight into making the client feel more comfortable.

When Disaster Strikes:

  • Involve the absent technician, if possible, when communicating with clients. This can help comfort the client that all is well and communicate that the replacement is capable of helping.

  • Talk openly with the staff to reduce the chance of surprises.

  • Let the staff members know the steps being taken and how it will impact them personally.

  • Protect the absent technician's privacy by not disseminating personal details.