Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A month or so ago in the “Ask Laskas” feature of the Readers Digest they had the following question/response that I thought that you might be interested in.

Ask Laskas
I own a hair salon and one of my clients is habitually late. When she finally arrives, she either uses our tanning bed or browses our jewelry display cases. She usually takes my last appointment of the day and her lateness often keeps me at work until 9 or 10, even 11. I have two young sons who need me at home. She’s so inconsiderate that I’m not sure anything I could say would get through to her. Help!

~Needing a Kind Cut

Dear Kind Cut,

There’s a reason stores have hours and offices shut down at the end of the day...the workers have to go home. People have lives! It’s no different here. The next time "Tardy Lady" arrives late, say “I’ll have to reschedule you for another day because I leave at 7 p.m.” Invite her to tan or browse until the salon closes and be firm. The worst that could happen is you lose one client and your boys get their mom home in time for a good-night kiss.