Thursday, October 4, 2012


We understand dealing in niches as our salon and spa team, here at Kopsa Otte, deals 100% in this niche. By doing this our knowledge and understanding of the industry assists our clients in all aspects of their business. At a hair show this summer, we had the pleasure of meeting Jenny Flanagan, with Associated Hair Professionals (AHP). Jenny also deals in this niche and we want to share with you information about AHP. 

AHP is a national association dedicated to supporting individual hairstylists, barbers, and nail professionals with business resources, marketing materials, liability insurance, and community.

Included in membership for $179/year:

·         Marketing resources to help you get the word out about your business. You’ll receive a free website builder with templates and hosting, a free email address, access to articles about marketing best practices, and discounted printing on marketing materials.

·         Discounts on products and services that help you succeed. Save money on industry magazines, cell phone service, computers, office supplies, online scheduling, and more, with new discounts constantly being added.

·         Liability insurance coverage to protect you from sue-happy clients. We offer the highest aggregate coverages available—$2 million per incident and $6 million total per policy year. You invested time and money in your business. Why put your present and future earnings at risk?

Visit to complete an online application, or call 800-575-4642 to join.