Thursday, January 17, 2008


We were one of the exhibitors at the PBA Symposium in January. Once again, it was a wonderful Symposium with great vendors. If you would like to look these vendors up, their information is below. If you don't belong to PBA, you should. Visit their website at

White Sands Products:
Nude Like Feel
Design Freedom
Performance on Demand
Soft Touchable Beautiful Hair

Contact Aarron Salas at

*Comment from Amanda- amazing products!!!

Nail Tek
Natural is real- all else imitates nature

At Nail Tek we employ what we call Assistive Science- that is, science that assists the body in the natural processes of growth, development, and repair. We never mimic nature- we facilitate it. Our products are based on real science designed to deliver natural results.

Voted "Best Natural Nail Treatment" by salon professionals.

Contact Peggy at or Judith at for more information about these products.

Profound Beauty Co.
Profound Beauty is committed to delivering state-of-art hair care products, utilizing the most innovative technologies available. We partner only with prestige salons who share our devotion to create better beauty results through personalized beauty. Everything we do personalizes the beauty experience and encourages individual style.

Contact Angela at

Rusk, Babyliss Pro, Forfex, and Conair Professional
If you are not familiar with these lines or want to find out more about them- then Please contact Jennifer at