Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feather In My Hat

On Monday (10.25.10) I was once again honored to make a presentation at the Nebraska Society of CPA’s annual convention. I had 2 hours during the general session to update over 200 of my fellow CPA’s on the new tax laws, rulings and cases that have came down over the last 12 months. This is the 15th year that they have invited me. Being recognized by your peers is quite an honor.

I mentioned above that this was a “feather in my hat.” I thought you might be interested in where that expression comes from. It apparently originated back in the olden days when regularly men wore hats. Attorneys in Washington DC that would argue a case before the Supreme Court would stand at a lectern in front of the Supreme Court judges and make their argument. On the table was a pen. In those days the pen had a quill (feather). After the attorney had made his argument, and attorneys being attorneys, he would shoplift the pen as he left the podium. He would then put the feather in their hat to let everyone that saw him know that he was an important attorney whom had testified before the court. If attorney’s testified more than once they would have two or more “feathers in their hat.”