Sunday, March 13, 2011


Greetings from Chicago. I am making a quick trip to the Windy City to do two presentations at the American Beauty Show (ABS). I am honored that the great equipment company Belvedere booked me to speak on "mistakes that owners make" and a second session on "taxes." There was standing room only at my tax class.

If you are not a client and are interested in a one on one tax consolation with me contact Amanda at and she will set up a time.

Since I was at the IBS show in New York City the week before and now at the ABS show in Chicago I thought I might comment on the difference between the shows.

  • It is really hard to tell about attendance at the shows. I spoke to a director at the ABS show and he said that they had over 55,000 participants. At the IBS show I heard the number 40,000. Both shows were crowded.
  • Both of the shows seemed to be well organized. It seemed that the registration line was longer at the ABS show but that might have been due to when I walked by.
  • If you were looking for business speakers definitely the ABS show gave you more options. At the same time, you can only see one program at a time.
  • Chicago seemed to have more hands-on classes.
  • There was more spa in New York City because of the joint International Esthetics's, Cosmetics and Spa Conference (IECSC) going on at the same time. Of course there was a separate entry fee for each.
  • The Chicago show seemed to have all of the major manufacturers represented. I saw Rusk in New York but that was about it. Matrix, Redken, Purology and were all in Chicago. I did not get all the way through the floor but I am sure by the signage that there were more.

Both shows were very good. It would be hard for me to say which one I would attend if I had to choose. I really appreciate having the opportunity to participate in both excellent shows.

Larry Kopsa CPA