Thursday, March 3, 2011


As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Salon Today announced their 14th Annual Salon 200 awards. We were so proud to have twelve of the clients that we work with make the list. In addition to this, I’m sure other of our clients would have made the list if they would have applied.

Here is some information from the Salon Today regarding the salons that were selected.

Breaking down how the Salon 200 spend their money:

Labor 47%
Supplies 11%
Rent\Mortgage 8%
Profit 6%
Taxes 5%
Owner Compensation 5%
Marketing\Advertising 3%
Employee Benefits 2%
Education Training 2%
Utilities 2%
Professional Services 2%
Insurance 1%
Telecommunications 1%
Other 5%

You might look at your numbers and compare them to these numbers. Note that these are not industry averages but rather the averages of those Salon 200 winners.

Again congratulations to all of those who made it. It is quite an honor.

Larry Kopsa CPA