Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Tax Masters Accused of Fraud and Deception

State AG says 'Tax Lady', Roni Deutch should be jailed for contempt
per the court case. The “Tax Lady’ spent millions on advertising; hired people off the street with no training to work the telephones in a “sweat shop” type setting and had no intention on really helping the desperate taxpayers that contracted with her.

No sympathy here. It has been frustrating the past few years, seeing the growing number of scammers advertising their supposedly top secret and unique services for settling up past tax debts with IRS.

As anyone capable of using Google can easily see, these services take money from desperate people, do nothing to help them, and leave them even worse off with the tax agencies. Any competent professional tax advisor can help people work on arranging a payment plan or an Offer In Compromise with IRS for far less than the thousands these scam services charge. It's good to see these scammers being nailed by the authorities.