Thursday, September 1, 2011


Q.Good Morning, I have a question and was not sure where to post it. I live in the state of Texas. The owner of the salon in which I work has given us contracts to read and sign if we agree to the terms.

These are Booth Rental Contracts. In the contract it states that at the end of the year the booth renter shall provide a form 1099 to the salon owner showing the untaxed income you provide to the salon.

I am not sure I understand why we have to give her a 1099 when we are solely responsible for our own taxes as an independent business. Can you give me any information about this subject.
Thank you!! ~Lisa

A.Lisa, I have not seen the contract so I am not sure what the contract actually says. As a renter you are required to give a 1099 to your landlord if you paid over $600. If the landlord is a corporation, you do not need to send a 1099. Maybe this is what the lease is getting at.

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