Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have to take a few minutes and pay tribute to Bob Sylvester CPA who died September 23, 2011.

Bob Sylvester was a former partner of mine and a close friend. Bob had been ill for some time and he was in hospice for the past few weeks. Bob and I go way back. In 1972, Bob gave me a chance and hired me as new junior accountant with the firm of Lindell, Sylvester Lindell. He was my mentor and taught me a lot about business. Eventually we became partners to form Kopsa, Swanson & Sylvester accounting firm. In 1999, Bob became sick and retired to enjoy his family. Much of the success that I have had is attributable to valuable lessons from Bob. He will be missed.

To read more about Bob's life: Robert Sylvester