Tuesday, September 18, 2012


We have been notified by several of our clients, that they have received an email that looks like this one below:

Subject: Your IRS tax transfer is declined.

Internal Revenue Service United States Department
of the Treasury (IRS)

Your Income Tax remittance (ID: xxxxxxxxxxx), recently ordered for processing from your bank account was turned down by your Bank.

Rejected Tax transfer
Tax Transaction ID:
Row of numbers here
Reason of rejection
See details in the report below
Income Tax Transaction Report
tax_report_.doc (Microsoft Word Document)

Internal Revenue Service St. Davis 00343 NY

This is a SCAM. The IRS does not email you any type of notice in this manner. Please do not open the attachment. If you receive an email similar to this one, but are unsure of its reliability please contact the IRS or your accountant.