Monday, March 3, 2008


I am a booth renter and I finally have my tax stuff in order and I am trying to decide how to choose someone to prepare my tax return. Do you have any advice?


Blondie, you are wise in not waiting until the last minute to have your returns completed. I want you to know that our firm prepares well over 1,500 tax returns. With our knowledge of the salon and spa industry we could certainly prepare your returns for you. We always want to be up front about fees. If you could send me your 2006 return, I will review the return and give you a quote for your 2007 return. In addition, if I see any changes on the 2006 return I will let you know. No cost for this.

Having said that, here are some common signs that a tax preparer may be abusive:
  • Claiming they can get bigger refunds than other tax preparers. Someone unfamiliar with your financial situation cannot make such a guarantee.
  • Basing their fee on a percentage of the refund amount rather than the complexity of the tax return.
  • Filing schedules where the information is fraudulent or lacks documentation to support the income or deductions.
  • Refusing to sign the tax return as the paid preparer or not providing a copy for the taxpayer’s records. The preparer is required by law to sign the return.
  • Requiring you to sign a blank return or in pencil.
  • The preparer is not properly licensed or registered.

Larry Kopsa CPA