Saturday, April 11, 2009


At one of your tax seminars you gave out a list of medical deductions that are often missed. Could I get another copy?


Here you go. Remember this list is no means all-inclusive. Also for some items you need a doctor to sign off.

1. Acupuncture
2. Alcoholism
3. Attendant to accompany a blind or deaf student
4. Artificial Teeth
5. Birth Control Pills
6. Braille Books and Magazines
7. Capital Expenses – computerized data bank payment
8. Car or car equipment for disabled person to drive
9. Chiropractor
10. Contact Lenses – premiums for replacement of
11. Dental Treatment – including fluoride treatment
12. Drug Addiction expenses
13. Eyeglasses – non prescription sun glasses to protect sensitive eyes
14. Laser Eye Surgery
15. Lamaze Classes
16. Health clubs dues for mental condition
17. Hearing Aids and parts for
18. Home Care – services provided by a person other than a registered nurse.
19. Lead-Based Paint Removal
20. Legal Fees to authorize mental health treatment
21. Mattresses: boards designed for arthritic patient
22. Medical Services – long distance even if closer care available
23. Nursing Services – value of room provided for nurse
24. Orthopedic shoes
25. Reclining chair for cardiac patient
26. Special Education
27. Sexual dysfunction treatment
28. Stop-Smoking Programs
29. Telephone for the hearing impared
30. Vision correction surgery
31. Weight loss programs

Larry Kopsa CPA