Monday, April 6, 2009


As I meet with salon and spa owners to discuss their operations it seems that there is a trend that the technicians are "prejudging" that times are bad and therefore they are not up selling or recommending retail products or pre-booking.

This has to stop! As one of the motivational speakers says "if you think you can't... you are probably right!" I have traveled quite a bit already this year and I have yet to see anybody that has quit taking care of their appearance.

Look at this! It was reported in the March issue of Salon Today that in a consumer survey shopper listed as "untouchables" items that they won't live without...Internet 81%; cell phones 64%; cable television 60%; hair cuts and color 40%.

The recession is no excuse for lackluster sales. Don't let your staff create lower sales by prejudging.

Larry Kopsa CPA