Monday, July 6, 2009


It was an honor for me to be selected by Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns to be part of an eight-member round table health care reform. There were seven other individuals on the panel representing various aspects of the health care industry. I was on the panel to speak for small business.

According to Senator Johanns, if you don’t want socialized medicine, you better be contacting your congressman to register your opposition. You must do this quickly; it appears that the current administration is hell bent on getting this passed by August 8. It seems like they want to run this through without the public knowing the details. It also seems that is the modus operandi of this administration. “Trust me!”

All of us on the panel realized that the health care issue needs to be solved. The problem is that the issue has been around for a long time. Why is it necessary to push legislation through that would essentially put everyone under a Medicare type program?

There are certainly two sides to this issue. In my comments to Senator Johanns I concluded with the statement that, “there is really no right answer...just a lesser wrong answer to the health care problem.”

I will keep you informed.

Larry Kopsa CPA