Wednesday, July 15, 2009


In an earlier posting, THE TERRIBLE TREND, I responded to a question regarding a salon's revenue that was spiraling downward. Below is the rest of our email conversation.

Larry, thank you so much for answering my email. I can only imagine your inbox. (I can't keep my own clean).

Having 1 on 1 is a good idea. I did this at the end of 2007 (our first year) but neglected to do it at the end of last year. Perhaps I can get ready for mid-year 1 on 1's and talk this very thing. I have a couple stylist who are close to retirement and whose husbands still work. I think they do it just to give them a little more family money and they love their clients. More of a social than an economic motivation to work. BUT - I do have 4 young ladies raising families, and I'm sure this is where I can light a fire and get back to growing this business.

Thank you for your advice. It will be acted on.


Randy, I really see results when meetings are held more often than annually. Monthly would be great. It creates some accountability for the technicians. Knowing what their goals are and that you are going to be comparing goals to actual seems to help keep their eye on the ball.


Wow, that's a lot of work on me. But I agree with you that they would see their goals better.

How hard-line do you suggest? Are the goals mandatory and rigid? Or is it more of a "Hey, it's up to you. Here's what you have to do to increase YOUR income" type of thing?

I'll see if I can discipline myself to that. Larry, I work full time at the US Post Office, plus have a lot of family challenges right now. But God is faithful in helping me manage both the time and the money that He has given me.

Thanks for that input of monthly, Larry. Best of everything to you.


It does take a lot of time but if it works it can be very beneficial. I think working up front with the people and letting them help set their goals gives them some ownership of the targets. At the same time, if their expectations are really low then you have to decide as an owner if the operation can be profitable at the level that they set. If not, you need new people or you are going to continue to tread water.

Larry Kopsa CPA