Thursday, October 6, 2011


In Hollywood, accounting can seem like a pretty glamorous profession, or not.

Kirstie Alley stars as New York accountant Mollie Jensen in the 1989 romantic comedy "Look Who's Talking." She meets cab driver John Travolta when she needs to get to the hospital in a hurry because she's about to have a baby. Travolta helps her bring up the baby, but the real father is her tax client George Segal. The baby's voice also sounds strangely like Bruce Willis. Alley reprised the part of Mollie in the 1990 sequel "Look Who's Talking Too," in which Roseanne Barr joined Willis in providing the voice of another of Mollie's kids. The 1993 threequel "Look Who's Talking Now" added the voices of Diane Keaton and Danny DeVito, but this time as Mollie's dogs.