Thursday, December 15, 2011


Q. I read your business blog and saw the topic on ‘Issuing 1099-MISC’s’: I own an Electrical company and wondered if I need to send a w-9 to our vendors for the Electrical Co. & the Construction Co.? And then send 1099’s to them if required. ~ Thanks for your help.

A. I would advise getting W-9’s from them. This will assure that you were not required to do backup withholding. The IRS has not been penalizing companies that do not have W-9’s but it technically is required. My guess is that someday this will be an issue. You just as well get ahead of the curve.

If they are not a corporation and they are providing services then a 1099 is in order. If they are just your supplier and you buy inventory, hard goods etc. then you do not need to do a 1099. Some taxpayers are unsure of the form of business of the companies that they are dealing with. The W-9 will solve that problem. At the same time if you are not sure there form of business it is okay to send a 1099. There is no penalty for sending to a corp.