Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Q: I have a question on 1099 forms. There are a couple people looking for their 1099’s and the salon that we work at has never prepared them in the past. Do they need to?

A:Here are the 1099 rules:
·         First of all, all businesses are required to file 1099’s to a person or a business (that is not incorporated) for any services that are provided of $600 or greater during the calendar year. 
·         Also, the same would be true for a business paying rent to a person or a business that was not incorporated.   

Starting this year the IRS has added additional questions to all tax returns. 

They are:

1.    Are you required to file form(s) 1099’s?                    yes or no

2.    If yes, are you or will you be filing form(s) 1099’s?    yes or no

These are questions that we will need to answer every year on all returns. 

I must warn you, if you should be chosen for audit they will be looking to make sure that you filed your 1099’s.  The fine for not filing is really high.  They can fine the business $250 per 1099 that was not filed.  So for example, if a business was required to prepare 10 1099’s and did not and the auditor goes back 3 years (and the same number of 1099’s were required then),  they could actually access $2500 (10 x $250)  x 3 years or $7500 in penalties just for not filing 1099’s.

Also, it is recommended that anybody you pay as a contractor or anybody for any type of service, you are required to have the contractor / person fill out a Form W-9 and sign.  This is basically paperwork that says you do not have to withhold backup withholding.  It would be a good practice to obtain these forms and keep in your permanent records.  You do not have to file them with the IRS. 

The following is a link to the IRS website, where you can download and print the form W-9.        

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.