Sunday, February 26, 2012


I wanted to let you know about our upcoming FREE webinar on March 26th.

Here is how this webinar was born.   Recently I was meeting with clients using GoToMeeting.  My one o’clock call had a specific question and my response to that was “Hey, I have a cool tool on that!” I then pulled up an Excel worksheet and showed them how they could utilize that tool to help solve that problem. A little later in the day I was talking with another client and they had a different problem and I said “Hey, I have a cool tool on that!” Then I pulled up a different Excel worksheet and showed them how they could use that tool to solve their problem.

This got me thinking. We have a lot of cool solutions that we have developed over the years and we pull them out to help clients solve problems. Just maybe we should have a webinar to show these tools and if you’re interested we would provide them to you at no additional cost.

This is an exclusive webinar for Kopsa Otte clients only so if you are a client of ours and interested in these cool tools, let contact Amanda. If you’re not a client and would like to be, please contact Amanda at