Saturday, February 11, 2012


I remember when I was a high school student my dad told me that I had a choice as I selected a career.  I could work for the private sector or I could work for the government.  He said that the government workers were pretty much guaranteed that they would not lose their job and they had a really good pension plan but that was offset by the fact that they were not paid as well. 

Little did he know how things would change.  Now they have job security, a good pension and are paid better. reports that "the Congressional Budget Office found Monday that federal workers are compensated 16% more than comparable private-sector workers on average. ... For those with only a high-school degree, workers earned 21% more and were given benefits worth 72% more than in the private sector."  For federal workers with a college degree, "wages were about the same but benefits were 46% better in the government."  According to the story, "President Obama's 2013 budget request, due to be sent to Congress on Feb. 13, will ask for a 0.5% cost-of-living raise for workers."

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