Thursday, March 1, 2012


One of the 5 Ways To Make More Money that I discuss with my clients and in my programs is REFERRALS.  I think we all know the importance of growing our business through a referral so I won't get into that discussion.

What I do think is interesting in a new study that came out reported asking for a referral once brings negligible results, BUT asking a second time in the same year is proven to bring significant results.  That's not all, a third time brings even more clients.

So why do so many referral programs fail?  I believe the problem is management.  When I ask owners that have low referrals what their systems are they say "we tell them to ask" or "it's in the handbook."  Statistics show that does not work.  What owners need is intergrated systems to monitor and focus on referral.  I know I sound like a broken record (okay some of you do not know what a broken record is, so ask someone that is over 45) but WHAT YOU CAN MEASURE YOU CAN MANAGE! 

Watch your referrals and discuss them with your professionals at staff meetings and during your one on one's.