Wednesday, March 28, 2012


One of the hot topics this week is Obama Care.  It now seems to be in the hands of the Supreme Court.

One of the most heavily promoted piece of Obama Care turns out to be a dismal failure.The White House endlessly trumped that more than 4 million small business might benefit from the health insurance tax credit. The promise was that because you would get a tax credit for offering health insurance to their employees businesses would provide insurance as a fringe benefit.

In actuality this did not happen.Instead of 4 million small businesses only 300,000 filed for the credit and the average was only $1,200. Far less to make offering insurance to employees.

I have yet to find a client that will spend, for example, $10,000 to save $1,200.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Obama Care on March 26 to 28.We are watching closely and will keep you posted.