Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Don't think that scams only happen to the "other guy." We have clients that have dealt with the repercussions of identity theft and in fact, a form of identity theft recently happened to us.

One of our staff members used her company credit card last Friday at the local post office, and on Sunday she had a message from the credit card company suspecting fraudulent charges. It turns out that $3,000 had been charged on her card over the weekend. The 'thieves' had a great weekend going to the Hampton Inn, Apple Computer, Best Buy and so on...

The offended credit card is now cut up, while we are busy filling out fraud paperwork for the credit card company. Our hopes are that the 'thieves' are caught before they steal again.

About.com published an article called, Credit Card Protection Basics. It's worth reading. I guess you never can be too careful.

Larry Kopsa CPA