Friday, May 29, 2009


A few days ago I was walking by a Cost Cutters Salon and couldn’t help but notice the mess in their window. There was a stack of magazines that had been there for awhile because they were faded out by the sun, some used products that had not been removed, a few pencils, some cords from the computer and a sufficient amount of dust. I commented to the person who was with me, “I wonder if they even know their window looks like that. It sure isn’t very inviting. It definitely says something about the quality of the organization.”

After I said this, my thoughts had to go back quite a few years to my accounting office. One of my clients walked in and looked at some books that were sitting in a pile on the floor and said, “Your really need a book shelf don’t you?” I looked over and I didn’t even realize I had just left things lay around and what that might look like to an outsider.

After thinking about this for a while, I nominated one of our staff to be “Kopsa Otte Clutter Police.” Her job was not only to come to my office but also to the lobby and the other offices to let people know what impression we were giving to an outsider. The Clutter Police Officer wasn’t always negative. She also pointed out some good things that people were doing.

About once a month she went around unannounced to make sure we lived up to our expectation.

Have you taken a look at your salon lately? Maybe you should appoint a Clutter Police.

Larry Kopsa CPA