Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Larry, thanks for the reminder that we should not prejudge our clients. I am ashamed to say that even as an owner I was guilty of prejudging. It seems like all we hear is bad news 24/7. You reminded me that as an owner and as a professional I had an obligation to my staff and to my clients to help make the world a better place. You made me look in the mirror.


Thanks Renee, you made my day. If we could just get people in the industry to realize and act like professionals. Why is it that someone goes to school, finishes as an apprenticeship and practices their craft each and every day and still doesn't act like an expert? It's amazing that as owners you still need to remind your employees to educate clients on the matters of beauty, and demand the respect of being an all-around expert! Things like recommending follow-up care and discussing their opinions and feelings about their current and past appointments add-up to be an amazing service if done correctly.

If you can accomplish this, many good things will happen. The clients will be happier because the service will be better, and they will look and feel better about themselves; the technician will be happier because they will feel better about themselves by providing a great service, and as a byproduct will make more money; and the salon will also benefit.

Larry Kopsa CPA