Wednesday, May 6, 2009



I have to share with you a recent phone call from a client. She told me the following after our Survival Strategy meeting. In her words, “I am excited, energetic and upbeat, very different from a few months ago.” In particular, it’s how she’s managed to turn things around that I find so compelling – “I’ve decided to take advantage of this recession to revolutionize my industry.”
“I recognized I had two choices given the changes around me:

1) put my head in the sand until the ‘change’ period is over and then adapt to the new world, or...

2) lift my head up now, get into the flow of the change, and find ways to ride it out effectively so that I’m out front when it finally settles down.”

And it will! She’s made up her mind to pursue the second option, and it’s already paying off – in dollars as well as drive.

Now is the time to “fix” all of those mistakes that you made in the past. Not working from a budget – fix it. No inventory controls – fix it. Weak retail sales and up selling – fix it. Paying to high of a commission – fix it.

In times like these you will find that change is easier to implement than in normal time. Now is the time to strike. Now is the time to take advantage of the recession.

Larry Kopsa CPA